Windshield Replacement Cost

Affordable Windshield Replacement

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What you need to know about windshield replacement

Windshield repair merges modern advances in technology with human ingenuity to eliminate stone damage on a windshield as oppposed to the alternative of replacing it altogether. Most windshield repair involves the application of a clear stong adhesive resin that is fused into the affected region of the windshield then cured with an ultraviolet light, the affected area is completely repaired and the strength of the original windshield is reinforced.

Can all damages can be repaired?

In most cases, rock and gravel dings and scratches of up to one and a half inches in diameter, along with singular line cracks of up to 24 inches can be repaired to like-new condition. For best results it is imperative that the damage be addressed as quickly as possible after the damage occurs. This is to protect against contamination that can result from washing the vehicle, road grease and grime, and the elements.

Why should I repair my windshield?

The decision to repair a broken windshield is sound on several levels. First and foremost, the you will invariably save money because you are precluding the necessity for expensive whole windshield replacement. In addition, because the windshield itself is never removed the factory seal remains intact. As today's automotive windshields continue to get more sophisticated with integrated components and shapes, windshield repair services turn out to be an increasingly affordable, convenient and safe alternative to replacement.

What does windshield repair cost?

In reality, repair costs very little compared to what you can expect to pay for a complete windshield replacement. You should expect quotes ranging from $300 to $500 for modern cars of SUVs. This amount will vary depending on the complexity and amount of integrated components within the windshield such as defroster lines, sensors, antennas, etc. On average most windshield repair jobs average around $75.